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site da atriz, locutora e dubladora Vera Bonilha

Vera Bonilha

Actor and
Voice Actor

Sobre a atriz, locutora e dubladora Vera Bonilha

About me

I started my artistic career when I first stepped on stage at Teatro Tuca in São Paulo when I was 17 years old. Since then there have been many plays, rehearsals, courses, filming, recordings. Along this path I also discovered the pleasure of concentrating all emotion in my voice and, from within a small studio, reaching the whole world, recording voiceovers, narrations and, more recently, dubbing movies, series, cartoons and games.

Today I can say: I'm an Actor and Voice Actor.

Bem Adiante é um podcast da atriz, locutora e dubladora Vera Bonilha

Bem Adiante!

Bem Adiante! is a hibrid space between story telling and the News to sharing good and inspiration histories that reforce the courage and the faith to people go way ahead. It’s always real histories that has in comun love and kind atitudes, solidarity and care with others, with life, with the planet.
The program has  the collaboration of the writer
Cláudia Maria de Vasconcellos.

Anderson Soares, profissional do áudio e da música

Anderson Soares

Audio and Music Professional | Producer | Coordinator | Audio Engineer | Music Analyst

Vera is a great actor! She's super versatile and works really well with the voice. We work together on advertising campaigns and recording sessions are always great, getting the message across with a lot of personality and competence.

Marcus Leoni, roteirista e diretor de vídeo

Marcus Leoni

Screenwriter and Video Director 

Vera is an amazing actor. I had the opportunity to interview her and see your competence and responsibility as an actor. We also worked together on a short video for the TPA group in which she performed very well and with a lot of emotion. Discipline and talent are two adjectives that perfectly match and fit Vera Bonilha's profile

Luis Saavedra, Attairfilms Viña del Mar, Chile

Luis Saavedra

Altairfilms Viña del Mar, Chile

Vera is a great professional. She delivered quality and within the deadline. I will definitely work with her in our next projects.

Duolingo, learning language app


Duolingo is a learning language app- Pennsylvania

Very professional, quick delivery, easily gets the instructions, great audio quality, nice alternate voices and acting. It's always great to work with her. She's fast, professional, and very talented. She was a great finding!

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Site da atriz, locutora e dubladora Vera Bonilha

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